By Andrew Allison and Konnie Vissers

We live in a world where all too often people do not receive the kind of love and care they need growing up. Simply put…we live in a broken world. I believe this is not actually how God intended us to live. I believe God intends us to live into Jesus’ wholeness and love. Last week at SPL Church we looked at Mark 9, and the transfiguration, where Jesus is transfigured on a mountain top before Peter, James, and John (his inner circle of disciples). And the voice of God is spoken over Jesus, “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!” A beautiful blessing… “This is my Son, the Beloved.”

Andrew preached a sermon on this, ending with a blessing to those listening. He took promises and statements from various points in Scripture that God speaks to us, His beloved children. It was powerfully moving for me, and I would like to share that with you. This is the Father’s blessing that Andrew shared:

“Hear the Father’s blessing:

I see you.

 I’ve always seen you

  I’ve always seen you and I adore you.

I made you.

  I made you like Me.

    You bear My family resemblance

       My likeness is on your soul.

    I made you inside and out

  I know every bone in your body.

You are wonderfully and fearfully made.

I know your dad and I know your mom.

  I know the details of your conception and the day of your birth.

    I know the whole story.

       Child, listen, I brought you here.

You are My idea, My delight, My beloved.

I smile every time you wake up.

 I know your heart, and it is precious to Me.

  I’ve kept track of every toss and turn,

   Through the sleepless nights,

     Each of your tears are entered into My ledger,

      Each ache is written in My book.

I know your struggle.

  I’m well aware of the temptation that threatens to ruin you.

   I see how fear calls your name.

      When you pass through the waters, I will be with you,

       When you walk through the flames, you will not be burned.

      I have redeemed you.

   Child, you are Mine, I bless you.

Stop thinking these words aren’t for you!

   As though I’m speaking to someone else,

      It’s YOU I’m speaking to.

You are precious to Me;

 You were bought with a great price.

    Hordes of evil were fought to rescue you, and        

       Even now they are kept at bay because

       I love you.

I bless you.

  You have my favor.

    No longer live in fear.

      No longer carry shame.

        I don’t condemn you for anything;

         All is paid for.

You are free!

 Free to live, free to love, free to forgive and give away.

You are blessed so that you can be a blessing to others.

   Live from the fullness of My blessing, live generously.

      You are My daughter, My son.

   I AM the One who never leaves you,

     I will never abandon you.

      I will NOT change My mind about you or forget you,

  I can’t, I carved you in the palm of My hand.

Listen to Me! You are my child. I love you.”

Thinking through Scripture in this form changed something for me. It was no longer words on a page that I had read and heard time and time again. It was a love note. It changed the way that I saw the promises of God in the Bible. They are personal, not generic. They are written for each and every one of God’s created children.

When our identities are rooted in this—rooted in the promise that no matter what has happened to us, and no matter what we have done—we cannot be shaken from our foundation. When we accept that we belong to Christ, we have a firmer foundation than even the most perfect earthly upbringing.

It is one thing to hear these words. It is another thing to accept them, with your whole heart. For those who have been wounded in the past, or are jaded to the world around them, these are much harder to accept. For such people, I encourage you to read them often. Soak in God’s promises. If you hear something enough, you begin to believe it. This is certainly true with the many lies the world tells us: “You are not smart enough. You are not good enough. Nobody could love you after what you have done. Nobody could accept you or see the changed person you have become.” We hear things like this from the world. But God has different words for you…words of blessing, words of love.

Every time you are told a negative, a lie about who you are, think about God’s promises and the blessing bestowed on you through God’s words.

Journal Questions:

  1. Write about some of the thoughts and emotions that came to mind as you read the blessing above.
  2. What are some of the lies you have received and believed about yourself from the world (whether in childhood or adulthood)?
  3. What stood out to you in the blessing above? Was there a certain phrase that stuck out?
  4. What would your life look like if you lived as if you believed that blessing about yourself?
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