Philippians 4:11-12, “…I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…”

Have you ever spent a rainy-day puddle jumping? You put on your driest rain boots and your warm rain coat, and go up and down the sidewalk jumping in puddles? It’s even better in the park, where there are bigger mud puddles! I used to love doing this as a kid.

Sometimes we think of rain as a bad thing that keeps us indoors. But other times, when we can play in it, it becomes way more fun than being dry.

Being content in all circumstances means being happy with life whether it is good weather or bad, whether you have lots of toys or none, whether you get to do play the sports you want or not. Being content means that you are at peace with life whether your family has lots of money or almost no money.

While your situation may not be what you would have wanted, contentedness means being okay with it anyway. Your situation comes from outside of you, but contentedness comes from inside of you. The Bible tells us that we should learn to be content no matter what our situation in life is.

We can be content because we have God on our side. When we believe in Jesus, we are never alone in anything that comes our way.

Paul is the guy who wrote the Bible verse this week. And he actually wrote it from prison! He was put in prison because he believed in Jesus and worshipped him. His circumstances were terrible! But he still says that because of Christ Jesus, he can be content because he has a relationship with god.

Part of stewardship is being content no matter your circumstances in life. Part of contentedness is noticing the many ways that God has blessed you: with enough food, with warm clothing, with family, with friends (these are just a few examples).

Activity: What are you blessed with/grateful for in your life? What circumstances/situation are you not very happy with right now? What are some ways that you can still be content in it? Take a piece of paper and some colouring crayons or pencils. On both sides, write “Content in all circumstances,” (or have a parent write it for you). Then on one side draw pictures, images, or symbols of the blessings in your life. On the other side, draw pictures, images, or symbols of the things that are not going as well in your life. Keep it somewhere you can see as a reminder that you can be at peace in all circumstances because of a relationship with Jesus.

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