This blog is one way to connect outside of the one hour of worship time on Sundays. I am interested in your day-to-day life, and want to encourage and equip people to think critically, to love well, and to engage with God the other 6 days and 23 hours that we are not at church.

Why “the daily grind”? I believe that it is much easier to be a Christian at church than it is in the workplace, or at school, or even at home sometimes. It is much easier to show up at church, than it is to prayerfully go about your day when your boss is on your case, or your spouse left his dirty socks on the floor next to the hamper, or your kid is screaming because of an ear infection. I want to engage with you in your daily grind, the day-to-day reality of living in this world. I want this blog to be a go-to, like a cup of coffee, throughout your week.

In 2017 I will post something every week. I realize this is not daily, but the questions are things you can engage with each day of the week. You can subscribe to have it sent directly to your inbox, or check it out through saintpauls.ca, or just visit this site. And please engage the posts: leave comments, engage on other forms of social media, let me know what ideas and articles would be helpful in your life in 2017.

But this blog is not only for those who go to St. Paul’s Leaskdale, or even for those who believe in Jesus or call themselves Christians. This is for anyone with a curiosity of something otherworldly. It is for anyone who has fallen and is looking for a way back up. It is for anyone who finds that contemporary culture is lacking something of substance and yearns for something more. If you are not a “believer,” or aren’t sure what you believe, I encourage you to read along and critically engage these posts: question me, grapple with the things I say…I encourage discourse.


Hi! I’m Konnie Vissers. I am a pastor, wife, writer, and speaker.

I grew up in the states, but have lived in Canada for three years, and am learning to love winter! My husband and I love cross-country skiing, hiking, camping, and spending time with loved ones. I also enjoy reading and writing. In fact, I don’t think there is anything so satisfying as sitting in front of warm fire with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Since graduating in 2014 with my Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, I have served as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. But growing up, I wanted to be none of the normal things that girls want to be, like ballerinas or veterinarians. At five I wanted to be a judge; at nine, I switched to an aspiring paleontologist; at thirteen, an actress (a brief normal phase); at sixteen a senator.

In reality, I went to university for a degree in business and communications and worked for a couple years in entrepreneurship. When I went back to school for social work and theology, I stumbled backward into becoming a pastor. I never saw it coming! So many of the good things in life happen that way.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with me on this blog! I appreciate your feedback and thought!