Hi! I’m Konnie Vissers. I am a pastor, wife, new mom, writer, and speaker.

I grew up in the states, but have lived in Canada for four years, and am learning to love winter! I don’t think there is anything so satisfying as sitting in front of warm fire with a good book, my daughter, and a cup of coffee.

I graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2014 and am ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, but prefer Konnie to Reverend. My husband and I serve at the same church together; and love trying to balance ministry, family, creativity, travel, and simplicity.


I want to engage you in your “daily grind.” I want this blog to be a go-to throughout your week, like a cup of coffee, that will provide just a jolt of some hope in the midst of the mundane.

In 2018, I am exploring meaning and money in a culture of more, with the tagline “living richly.” Each week may be a short reflection, an article, a devotional, or something more practical…we will see what emerges. Please engage the posts: leave comments, engage on other forms of social media, let me know what ideas would be helpful in your life. You can subscribe to have it sent directly to your inbox or just visit this site.

But this blog is not only for those who believe in Jesus or call themselves Christians. This is for anyone with a curiosity of something otherworldly. It is for anyone who has fallen and is looking for a way back up. It is for anyone who finds that contemporary culture is lacking something of substance and yearns for something more.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with me on this blog! I appreciate your feedback and thought!


I am on maternity leave until February 2019, but will periodically speak at camps, workshops, and conferences in the meantime.

Sunday preaching and pulpit supply is on hold until I return from maternity leave.

If you are interested, please message me on Instagram @konnievissers.