Konnie with a “K,” as I have often been dubbed. I am a pastor, wife, mom, writer, and speaker.

You may have a lot of preconceptions or questions about what a pastor is like, let alone a woman pastor…Here it is: I love Jesus, I want to grow closer to him, and I want other people to meet this Jesus I know. Simple as that. But if that doesn’t answer your question, get in touch! I’m not afraid of questions.

I grew up in the states, but have lived in Canada since 2014, and as much as I try, I still do not like winter! Yet there is nothing as satisfying as sitting in front of warm fire with a good book and a cup of coffee. So I simply enjoy winter indoors.

I studied at Princeton Theological Seminary, where I met my husband, Grant. We are both ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and currently serve in a congregation together. I love trying to balance ministry, family, creativity, travel, and simplicity.


I want to engage you in your “daily grind.” I want this blog to be a go-to throughout your week, like a cup of coffee, that will provide just a jolt of some hope in the midst of the mundane.

This isn’t just for people who go to church or call themselves Christians. In fact it’s actually geared toward those who are curious and not satisfied with simple answers. It is for anyone who finds that contemporary culture is lacking something of substance and yearns for something more.

Thanks for taking the time to engage!